Our institution, having been active in Atatürk Airport for 8 years, serving with a full health system regarding 37 thousand personnel and 25 million passengers, combines the PortClinic brand and years of experience with the excitement of the first day and walks on with its 300 people great staff at 35 airports Of Turkey. PortClinic is a brand of Tezmed Sağlık Gıda Turizm ve Eğitim Ltd that produces full health solutions at intense environments such as airports, ports, marinas, shipyards, campuses, industrial complexes, shopping malls.

Portclinic has won the tender about ”Health Service Acquisition” of DHMI (State Airports Authority) on August, 10, 2009 and has started the operation on November, at 31 Anatolian airports. Portclinic established its own system at 9 airports and gives health service with local partners at other 22 airports

Airports which Portclinic established its own system are:
Bodrum, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, Kayseri, Van Ferit Melen, Malatya, Samsun, Erzurum, and Tekirdağ/Çorlu

Airports which Portclinic serves with local partners are: Denizli/Çardak, Uşak, Sinop, Sivas, Şanlıurfa/GAP, Erzincan, Elazığ, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kars, Nevşehir/Kapadokya, Ağrı, Adıyaman, Bursa/Yenişehir, Konya, Mardin, Muş, Amasya/Merzifon, Çanakkale and Tokat

First level health services covered by PortClinic;
Policlinic, Emergency Aid and Land Ambulance, Laboratory, Employee and Workplace Health Security, Periodic Examinations, First Aid Training Services, Air Ambulance, Medical Escort Services, Flight Report, Travel Consultancy, 2nd Opinion Service, Transportation Services for PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility), Vaccine and Medicine Prophylaxis Services are provided.

PortClinic also has achieved a level of experience and knowledge on creating special solutions for special needs. Particularly, the package health solutions intended for airport companies are provided after assessing the capacity and service variety of the concerned airport company.

Besides, PortClinic provides the service of transportation of ill and disabled passengers traveling with Turkish Airlines A.O. with a team of 117 people at the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya ve Adana.

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